1 year ago

5 October, 2016

Level 3, HSM Building, Bond University

Organised by:
Bond University Surgical Society BUSS

Bond University Surgical Society is proud to present the Open Heart International Charity Bake Sale.

Open Heart International is an Australian based organisation which raises funds to send surgeons overseas to perform life changing surgeries on adults and children, less fortunate than us, who need critical medical care.

We are really excited and you should be too!
There will be brownies, red velvet cupcakes, jam and scones and much much more.
There’s lots going on, so why not join the fun?
You can also practice your surgical knot tying skills,
And while waiting for your turn, have a cupcake or two!

If you are game enough, take our knot tying challenge by successfully tying a surgical knot WHILE eating a cupcake! If you don’t know how to tie a surgical knot, that’s okay, we can teach you :)

Wear something pink or red, in support of OHI and get 50% off your first goodie!

Come on down anytime from 11am to 1pm on Wednesday 5th October, outside the HSM Building and we will see you there!