1 year ago

20 October, 2016

Bond University Anatomy Labs

Organised by:
Bond University Surgical Society BUSS

Is the neuro block weighing you down? Terrified of the sheer amount of anatomy you have to memorise for end of year IPA? THEN COME TO OUR ANATOMY REVISION NIGHT!

Yup, thats right, the long awaited IPA night is back! Only better than ever this time. The Bond University Surgical Society is proud to present: A Year of Anatomy - Revision Night! This revision night will cover the anatomy taught in the Year 2 MD program for the entire year (except the reproductive system) - perfect opportunity to revise your anatomy for end of year barriers.

Up for the challenge? This is what you have to do:

1) Form a pair
2) Sign up (Registration opens on 09/10/2016 SUNDAY at 6.00pm QLD time)*
3) Study hard
4) Turn up on the night
5) Show off your anatomy knowledge

And you and your team member could very well be the BUSS Anatomy Revision Night Champions!

Register by emailing Sathya at sathya.selvakumar@student.bond.edu.au (Facebook messages will not be accepted). Please make sure you send the email with your details only once the registration has opened.

As always there will be pizza and Krish Indian provided x

* Only the first 40 teams will be accepted.