2 years ago

15 March, 2016

Bond University, Princeton Room

Organised by:
Bond Investment Group

The 2016 Titans of Industry Forum will bring together some of the sharpest minds in the Australian business community to discuss some of the critical issues facing the business leaders of today and tomorrow.

The Forum will be a luncheon, followed by a panel discussion and an opportunity for Q&A. This year's panel is comprised of some of Australia's true titans of industry, including:

• Mr John Symond (Founder & Executive Chairman - Aussie)
• Mr Charles Tarbey (Chairman - Century 21)
• Mr Cameron Kusher (Senior Research Analyst - RP Data)

With house prices constantly increasing for many young Australians the prospect of owning a home is beginning to seem unrealistic. The 2016 Titans of Industry will focus on the topic of housing affordability, as well as answering some of the other big questions currently facing the Industry.

As University Students, with the prospect of buying a house not too far in the distant future, it will be an opportunity not to miss.

Pre-sales have now started for current BIG Members, send an email through to president@bondinvestmentgroup.org to express interest. If you're not a member dont stress, send an email through and we'll get you signed up! Ticket sales will begin under the arch in the coming weeks.