2 years ago

13 February, 2016


Organised by:
Bond Christian Students

Hey everyone!! On week 4 Saturday we are hosting our semesterly Big Day Out. It's basically just a time in the semester where we all go and do something fun together to keep building on the friendships we've made over the past few weeks or years. :)

This semester we're going to Aquasplash in Southport. Aquasplash is a floating, blown-up course on an outdoor sectioned-off lake.

The plan is to go to Aquasplash for an hour and then head over to Australia Fair, which is closeby, where we can choose to relax or go to the beach across the street.

Please click going and pay us so we can ensure you a ride there and back; as well as guaranteeing us to be all in the same session.

Other details:
- cost: $15 + extra money for food
- bring: a change of clothes + towel