2 years ago

11 March, 2016

Bond University : Behind South Towers

Organised by:
Bond Bollywood Dance Club

Bollywood Dance Club & Indian Association
HOLI ON (Color Fest)

It's time to get your HOLI ON!!!!!!!!!!

This is that thing Indians do once a year where they have more fun than watching a cricket match and get more colourful than the inside of a vegetable samosa (there's some on the day!!!!!!!!!).

The Bond University Indian Association along with the Bond Bollywood Dance Club would like to share with you all one of India's most scintillating days.

Put on some ragged old clothes, grab a handful of colour, aim and then scream out "HOLI HAI" as you convert someone into an artistic masterpiece!

When: Friday 4pm- till the powder goes (get in early!!!!!)
Where: Behind South Tower

For all of you searching for some food, the Bond Bollywood Dance Club is shouting all of us some delicious Indian snacks to keep the energy levels up.

So until Friday, HOLI HAI!!!!!