2 years ago

25 May, 2016

180 Degrees Consulting Bond University

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180 Degrees Consulting (Bond University)

You have been invited to submit an application to become a consultant with 180 Degrees Consulting Bond University, as we believe you would make a great candiadate for a consulting role.

We have lined up some exciting and challenging projects this semester, and we are looking to recruit talented, motivated, and ambitious students to join our ranks.

By forming teams of students with the right combination of expertise, creativity, and problem solving ability, 180DC can provide socially conscious organisations with high quality, affordable consulting services, thereby improving the effectiveness of these organisations and making a meaningful difference to the people they serve.

As a student working with 180 DC you could gain: professional training, first-hand exposure to non-profits and social enterprises, real leadership development, the opportunity to make a difference and a valuable chance to gain work experience.

Positions are filling up quickly and we encourage you to apply. So, if you are interested, please submit your resume and 100 words on why would like to work with us at:


Applications close this Sunday May 29.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Kind Regards,
180 Degrees Consulting Bond University