2 years ago

19 February, 2016

Undergraduate Lounge

Organised by:
BU Malaysian Association BUMA

Many Malaysians connect ‘Chap Goh Mei’ with the traditional myth of young unmarried ladies throwing mandarin oranges inscribed with names and telephone numbers into rivers in search of a boyfriend or husband. It is known by many as the Chinese version of Valentines’ Day.

However, ‘Chap Goh Mei’ itself means the 15th night of Chinese New Year in Hokkien, which also marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebration.

The tradition of throwing oranges originated from Penang. If you visit the Esplanade at Penang there are competitions where boys in boats are required to scoop up oranges thrown into the sea by girls, and the boat with the most oranges wins the competition. Activities like these are carried out to keep the traditions alive.

So come on down to the Undergraduate Lounge on Friday 6pm for some FREE Malaysian/Chinese food!