1 year ago

1 March, 2017


Organised by:
MSSBU Physicians Society

Starting those physical examination skills sessions, and keen to practice at home too before you get put on the spot by a super keen clinician or tutor?

MSSBU Physician's Society is giving you the opportunity to purchase equipment that we think will be helpful to you becoming the best blood pressure taker around, and more.

We have compiled our medical school experience and picked out things we would have appreciated having to practice with before the OSCEs, or getting out on placement. And it's affordable.

If you have any questions regarding the usefulness of any items, just message us :) We will happily answer any questions.

Orders close next Wednesday, and will be placed once payment has been received. Your goodies then should arrive soon after, similar to when you purchased your stethoscopes from Med Soc.

Cheers :)