1 year ago

6 March, 2017

Bond Business School

Organised by:
Bond University Business Students' Association (BSA)

The Business Students' Association is pleased to announce the EquitySim Share market trading game. Unlike the ASX Share market game the objective of this challenge isn't to necessarily produce the largest profit, but rather to back-up your chosen investments with proper research, reasoning and intentions. Every trade that you make you will be asked to provide a quick explanation as to why you have made this investment. This game isn't for speculators or spectators. You must have strong intentions for participating with active involvement throughout the entire game to be eligible for the prize. Lets talk about that.

How does an opportunity at EquitySim, Fidelity or Credit Suisse sound? EquitySim is offering 3 INTERVIEWS with their CEO and Co-Founder Justin Ling. This is Round 1. If you impress him with your trades, investment thesis and performance there is the possibility of progressing further and interviewing at:

* FIDELITY for an Equity Research internship or a Fixed Income Graduate position (depending on the stage of your degree): http://www.fidelity.com.au/ or;

* CREDIT SUISSE (if you’re a standout): https://www.credit-suisse.com/au/en.html

Your success and prize is entirely up to your performance. Make sure you have legitimate reasons for your trades – you have the ability to upload Research Reports, Information Memorandum's, Financial Models, News Artlices etc. to support your thesis.

The game will be using the EquitySim platform which normally costs approximately $100 per year. As part of this challenge the BSA will cover your registration and annual fee however PLACES ARE LIMITED so don’t miss out on this lucrative opportunity.

The game doesn’t stop there. You can use your login after the challenge to continue your portfolio and test yourself. EquitySim have built in a function where you can send prospective recruiters a link to your portfolio when applying for internships or employment – an incredibly useful tool that you can use to prove your ability.

So Bondies, let's trade.

*** Expressions of interest are to be sent in to BSA on bsa@student.bond.edu.au by MARCH 6TH, along with why you should be given the opportunity to be in this game.***