1 year ago

8 March, 2017

06_3_23, Case Study 1, Building 6

Organised by:
Bond University Business Students' Association (BSA)

Bondies, your first competition of the year is here!


Topic: "The Meaning of Life"
You can interpret this is any way you see fit... take on an emotional, philosophical, theological, serious or scientific approach. On the other hand, you could make it light, fun and extremely humorous.

Speech: Persuasive (4-5 minutes)

Judges: Vishal Mehrotra, Don Jolly and Jack Ryan

Special guest Frank Dyksterhuis mathematician/physicist, CFO Mind Challange and Senior Research Officer at UQ.

Prizes: In addition to campus bragging rights - AMAZING prizes are on offer. Plus certificates and FREE PIZZA WILL BE PROVIDED for all 🍕

To sign up: Email BSA Competitions Director Naoka Salmon on naoka.gasornsalmon@student.bond.edu.au with your name, SID and mobile number, or if you have any general questions about the comp 😎