1 year ago

3 February, 2017

Bond University Student Association (BUSA)

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Bond University Student Association BUSA


Do you care about your Faculty? Do you think your Faculty is better than your mates? Do you want to prove to everyone that your Faculty is indeed the best? Well Friday of Week 3 is your chance to do so!

No matter if you are sporty or not, this day promises to be full of fun and excitement!

During the day your Faculty will be competing against the others in several sports, including futsal, dodgeball and beach volleyball.

Points are awarded to the winners of each sport, but skill will only get you so far! Enthusiam is also a key factor if you're striving for gold.

After the events have ended, head over to Dons for a free BBQ!
So grab your free tshirts at your faculty's office during the week or at Wednesday By The Water, and don't miss out on a chance to have bragging rights for the rest of the semester!