2 years ago

5 March, 2016


Organised by:
Debating Society

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Rego is $10. Please pay it to the following:

Account name: ANU Debating Society
Account number: 0090 6371
BSB number: 062 903

ANU Debating is pleased to once again host the Pro-Am Grand Slam, our annual tradition bringing out the best of both old and new.

Pro-Am Grand Slam is a 3v3 competition, run over one day. First years will have an opportunity to debate with experienced and talented debaters in older years. You can organise these teams yourself, or ask to have one created for you. This format gives you an opportunity to meet and learn from the most experienced and talented members of ANU Debating. The event itself will be a fun, friendly, and competitive event to start off the year, and to prepare our debaters for the Australian National Championships (aka Easters). Those interested representing ANU at the national stage are strongly encouraged to attend this event. We also welcome all interstate teams as well!

Who: ANU Debating
Where: The Tank
When: 5th of March, Saturday
How: Cos we love to make debating happen for you guys
Why: Because debating is amazing

8:30am - Breakfast
9:00am - Briefing
9:30am - Round 1 Topic Release
10:00am - Round 1 Debate
11:30am - Morning Tea
12:30pm - Round 2 Topic Release
1:00pm - Round 2 Debate
2:00pm - Lunch+Feedback
3:30pm - Round 3 Topic Release
4:00pm - Round 3 Debate
5:00pm - Break Announcement+Grand Final Topic Release
5:30pm - Grand Final


Your convenors for this competition are Vincent Chiang, Callum McCrow, and Zoe Halstead (names in alphabetical order by surname).

Fun facts: Vincent has convened literally every single ANU Debating competition in existence at least once, and is also responsible for the creation of a few of them. Callum is the current president of ANU Debating and has a powerful and commanding presence. Zoe convened the ANU British Parliamentary Debating Championships last year and provided hot breakfasts for everyone. Expect brutal efficiency and wacky powerpoint presentations from this absurdly qualified team of convenors.


Introducing our two chief adjudicators: Thomas Goldie, and Jessica Musulin!

Thomas (better known as "Goldie", or "Goldo") is a 5th year at the ANU. He was the best speaker and grand finalist at the Australian Nationals (Easters) in 2014, is a Worlds Quarter-Finalist and top 40 speaker, and an Australs Semi-Finalist and top 10 speaker. He also served as the Deputy Chief-Adjudicator for Easters 2015, and has judged the finals of a number of other competitions, including the Australian BP Championships, the Singapore Debate Open and the Malaysia Pre-Worlds Championships.

Jessica (better known as "Jess", or "JMus") was previously of Griffith University, and is now an esteemed member of the Australian Public Service. She is a Worlds Quarter-Finalist, and has made the finals series of both Easters and Australs as well. On top of her incredible debating credentials, Jess is an extraordinarily renowned adjudicator, and has been Deputy Chief-Adjudicator of Easters, the Australasian Women's Championships, and the CA of the ANU British Parliamentary Debating Championships; she also judged the Quarter-Finals of Worlds and countless other tournaments.

Our CA team is literally world-class, and will be providing debaters with interesting and exciting motions, as well as mind-blowingly good feedback.


We will be opening up registration soon. Stay tuned. In the mean time, as we give you more updates about this incredible event.


You can register as an individual, pair or a fully formed team. We will make sure everyone who signs up will be allocated a team with a mentor.

If you're organising a team yourself, make sure it complies with the team composition rules to ensure there are enough mentors to go around. The rules are as follows:

1. All teams must contain at least one first year
2. Pros may only debate with first years.

Pros are those who have debated at Australs, Worlds or two Easters. First years are those who are new to debating at university.