2 years ago

19 March, 2016

ANU Debating

Organised by:
Debating Society

ANU Fall is our annual pre-Easters tournament. We're going to have a weekend of debating and socialising with great food, great judges and great socials.

Sign up here! http://goo.gl/forms/cKpFr1VJhD



10am briefing and topic release round 1
1.00 lunch
1.45 round 2
3.45 afternoon tea
4.00 round 3
6.00 dinner
7.00 Felt Bar

Day 2

9.30 breakfast
10am round 1
11.30 morning tea
12.00 round 5
2.00 lunch
2.30 Break announcement and semi finals topic release
3.00 debate
5.00 grand final topic release
6.30 Drinks at Honky Tonks

Why should I go?

If you're attending Easters as either a judge or a debater, this will be an excellent opportunity for a dry run to meet your team and build on your skills in a casual, friendly context. We strongly encourage people to attend this so they can get the most out of Easters.

If you are a first year thinking of judging at ANU Fall, we will pair you with experienced mentors so you can build skills and confidence before giving you the opportunity to judge by yourself when you feel ready.

If you aren't able to attend Easters this year, ANU Fall will be an awesome opportunity to stay involved regardless.

How does registration work?

You can register as an individual or you can form teams yourself. We'd encourage those debating at Easters to register as individuals so that we can place you with your Easters teams once they have been confirmed. It will cost $35 which will cover food and socials for the whole weekend. Please pay by Thursday to this account:

Account Name: ANU Debating Society
BSB: 062903
Account Number: 00906371

Is someone going to make fun of the Chief Adjudicators?

Writing topics and running the day will be ANU Debating's two cranky great uncles, Dom Guinane and Ben Jackson!

Dom, not unlike batman, is a paper pushing bureaucrat by day, but a shouty debaterite by night. An alumni of Monash university, he attended World Championships so long ago that they have descended into myth and legend ("Assumption" and "Cork" surely can't be the names of real places?). It is written in Aramaic on ancient copper tablets that he debated in many a Worlds and Australs quarter final, and is a regular on international grand final judging panels.

Ben Jackson (or "beej" or "fellatio" or is it "Tim"?) is the chief Mandarin of the UTS Debating society. He is the bass player of a band called Formal Pants and enjoys long walks on the beach. Rather than breaking at tournaments where he enjoys placing 17th, he prefers breaking hearts. This has not prevented him from ranking top 10 at Easters and top 20 at Australs as an individual.