2 years ago

16 April, 2016

ANU Debating

Organised by:
Debating Society

Missed out on Easters? Want to debate on your own two feet? want to practice against people your own level instead of old hacks?
This is a new novice torunament being run on the 16-17th of April.

How does it work?
Teams will be made up entirely of novices. First round of rego is only for people who did not go to Easters. secon round of rego is for people who did go to Easters but are still novices. There will be no pros debating but they will be adjing- so its a great opportunity for development and to get some great feedback.

Am I a Pro or a Novice?
A novice is anyone who hasn't debated at Australs, Worlds, debated at more than two easters or broken at easters. if you have debated at two easters (but not broken) you are eligible to debate

A Pro is anyone who has attended two easters, australs or worlds.

Why should I come?
you have the chance to test your skills against people of similar ability. great adj quality means you will also improve heaps! canberra socials- Moose, Uni pub, cube, cbd dumplings, two sisters thai (probably not all of these- but maybe some)


10am breakfast
11am briefing and topic release round 1
1.15 lunch
2:00 round 2
4:00 afternoon tea
4.30 round 3
6.30 Champ Dinner
8:00 Pub Crawl with Bar Tab


9.30 breakfast
10am round 4
12:00 lunch
12.00 round 5
2.00 afternoon tea
2.30 Break announcement and semi-finals topic release
3.00 semi finals
5.00 grand final announcement and topic release
5:30 Grand Final
6:30 announcements (winner GF, speakers etc.)