2 years ago

8 May, 2016

ANU Debating

Organised by:
Debating Society

sign up to rego here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1_Vx1qRRx-d4R9Bsqcs8er_loTOhY6XE6MYu1OCRYdzo/edit

What is Australs?

The Australasian Debating Championship is the most prestigious tournament on the calendar other than Worlds. The best debaters from Asia, Australia and New Zealand compete. This means there is a huge diversity of different people from different backgrounds and with different skill levels, and the tournament caters to a wide spectrum of experience levels.

Why should I go?

You will learn heaps!! You get to debate good teams and watch good teams. It is also super fun because there are good socials, and good accomodation.

You should feel free to contact Callum, Freya or any other older member of the society about what the experience of Australs is like and whether if you have doubts.

How much does it cost?

Registration is $770 which covers food and accomodation but not flights. There will be some subsidies provided by the society to at least some members of the team and we'll let you know soon the details of how they will work.

How will trials work?

Australs Trials are happening on Sunday the 8th of May. You will be required to do one or two debates across the day.

If you think you'll have scheduling problems we're really happy to work with you to resolve them, and there will be provisions made for video trials occurring before the day itself. If you have scheduling problems it's imperative that you talk to us about them before the day of trials. If you drop out without notice it's a huge administrative pain so please don't do it.

Attending trials will not commit you to attending australs should you be successful. There will be a separate process of forming teams shortly after trials.