2 years ago

12 May, 2016

Engineering Lecture Theatre

Organised by:
Engineering Students Association

Did you read the title of this event and think to yourself "sh*t, honours is coming and I have no idea what to do"?

Then this event is for you! Everyone starting their honours thesis within the next year or so is invited, but so is anyone who wants to learn more about what honours is all about.

We've got 6 academics to give you an overview of projects in their fields, advice from current honours students and the honours course convener to take you through all the requirements.

This is a seriously important part of your degree, so we HIGHLY recommend you come along. We will have slides (and hopefully a recording) afterwards if you can't make it, but there's no substitute for being there!

tl;dr 1-2pm Thursday 12 May Engineering Theatre, be there.

Love us <3