3 years ago

26 August, 2015


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Why develop leadership through a domestic experience when you can simply apply for our Global Talent Program for global experience in overseas internships.

As one of the largest youth run not-for-profit organization, AIESEC believes in leadership development through cross-cultural global internship and volunteer exchange experiences across the globe. Though for this particular information session, we’ll be discussing solely on developments through global internship.

We’ll be discussing on our types of internship in the Asia Pacific region, and many more e.g. why doing an internship there instead of Europe or America, why Asian Pacific, why AIESEC? We’ll be exploring that aspect with you in a concise span of an hour.

If you’re open-minded, culturally aware or simply curious about what this type of opportunity can take you. Why not spend a bit of your time to our information session.

Maybe, it will explore your potential/grow your global portfolio or maybe it won’t. An approximate time of 60 minutes or less with us can perhaps answer you that question.