2 years ago

30 September, 2015

ANU College of Business & Economics Cafe

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Youth Speak ANU is an AIESEC run, global initiative that connects young people with the current leaders of business and social change.

Here at AIESEC, we aim to develop responsible and social conscious individual. This week, we are focusing on the topic of 'Asylum Seekers'.

The refugee crisis, though long in the news, has suddenly captured the world’s attention. But what are the underlying causes, and what could individuals and governments do to help?

Featuring a speech by Dr John Minns, member of the Steering Committee of the Refugee Action Committee in Canberra. John Minns represents the College of Arts and Social Sciences, as well as the Associate Professor Director of the Australian National Centre for Latin American Studies.

In addition, the ANU Refugee Action Committee and Amnesty will be present at the discussion, so don't miss the chance to mingle with them.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to discuss about refugee crises and how we can make a difference. Come down this Wednesday; share your thoughts and ideas! Join us to help make a difference in the world.

Take the opportunity to contribute YOUR perspective and engage in the discussion.