3 years ago

21 October, 2015

ANU College of Business & Economics Cafe

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Youth Employability has been a topic that many young graduates talk about this time every year in Australia. The closer we are to the end of our univerisity degree, the more we realise that we need to start looking for jobs that will employ fresh graduates. However, TWO THIRD of fresh graduates in Australia alone fail to be employed 4-6 months after their graduation. The number of unemployed youht drastically increases each year.

It is the time for youth to ask why.
Are we prepared to face the real world?

Partnered with Huawei, AIESEC in ANU would like to extend this opportunity for young people in ANU to have a discussion amongst youth and corporates on the issue and actually find out what they need to do TODAY, in order for them to be compatible in the work force tomorrow.

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