2 years ago

22 March, 2016

MCCT4 Manning Clarke Lecture Theatre 4

Organised by:
International Relations Society

What is the Israel-Palestine conflict? What is the role of the Israeli Occupation in this? What is its nature and how legal is its execution? These questions, and more, are what we intend to answer with our introductory lecture on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Dr Michelle Burgis-Kasthala will trace the history of the conflict through an international law and human rights lens, helping us to understand how violations of rights and freedoms contribute to the perpetuation of the conflict and act as a barrier to peace.

This event is intended for all students, staff and members of the public, with no prior assumed knowledge on the subject.


Dr. Michelle Burgis-Kasthala is a Research Fellow in the RegNet School of Regulation and Global Governance and member of the Centre for International Governance and Justice (CIGJ). Before joining RegNet she spent six years in Scotland as a lecturer in International Relations and Middle East Politics at the University of St Andrews and then as a lecturer in Public International Law at the University of Edinburgh. Her interests lie in the fields of critical international legal studies with a regional focus on the Arab world where she has lived and worked. Her doctoral thesis and then book (Brill, 2009) was entitled Boundaries of Discourse in the International Court of Justice: Mapping Arguments in Arab Territorial Disputes. Her current project will interrogate the interrelationship between international criminal law, human rights law and transitional justice as registers of redress within the revolutionary context of the Arab Uprisings. She is also a Research School of Asia and the Pacific (RSAP) Fellow.