3 years ago

18 May, 2015


Organised by:
Australian Youth Climate Coalition

As Australians, we all love the Great Barrier Reef, but right now our Reef and climate are under threat from coal port expansion just 50km from the Whitsunday Islands.

That’s why we're challenging you to go without something else that you love - coffee, chocolate, or beer - for two weeks in May to raise funds to protect the Reef and our climate.

Sign up here, it only takes 2 minutes! https://fortheloveof.org.au/

Climate change is the biggest threat to food security. And we know that the coal in the Galilee Basin has to stay in the ground to avoid dangerous global warming. If we want to keep enjoying things like coffee, chocolate and beer into the future, we have to do everything we can to secure a safe climate.

What will you go without for the love of the Reef?