1 year ago

9 March, 2017

Civic Pub

Organised by:
Engineering Students Association

G’day blokes and sheilas.
We are having a gatho on Thursday 9th March (week 3) for Engibeering #1 and it’s going to be a ripper. The theme is Aussie Icons so we expect to see Kaths, Kims and Kels. You can dress up as Crocodile Dundee, bring your pet Skippy, or simply chuck on a flanny and bob’s your uncle! No thongs or footy shorts please, or the bouncer will get aggro.

We’ll see you down at civo pub at 7.30pm, then to Helleno at 9pm (where you can bog into some mint wedges) and we reckon we’ll get loose at Moose from 10.30pm. There’ll be drink tickets/bar tabs at each venue.

Tickets are $5 for mates (members) and $10 for non-members*, so grab yours through the link below or on campus at soon to be posted times.

Oi, see you there.

*The $10 includes a membership with the ESA.