2 years ago

18 August, 2016

Manning Clark Lecture Theatre

Organised by:
Biology Society

Ever wanted a primer on genetic research at ANU but always thought “DNAin’t nobody got time fo’ dat!”, or something slightly less cringey? Well today is your lucky day!

On Thursday, August 18th, the ANU Biology Society will be hosting a public lecture for science week on these amazing molecules! Featuring 3 postgraduate speakers from the RSB, RSC and JCSMR, come and find out what we can do with DNA, and how we can use this information to gain a better understanding of what DNA can do!

Youssef Latash is an honours student working in the Research School of Chemistry under supervision of Professor Thomas Huber. He is doing his project in Computational biology, an exciting and cutting edge field of research that involves the modelling of proteins.

Katharine Bassett is a PhD student at the John Curtain School of Medical Research, her supervisor being Professor Carola Garcia de Vinuesa. Her field of interest is in using genomic sequencing to identify mutations that result in complex immune diseases.

Iliana Medina Guzmán is a Postdoctoral student who just recently submitted her final thesis and studies in the Research School of Biology, under supervision from Dr Naomi Langmore. She focusses on avian brood parasitism and will be talking to us about evolutionary and behavioural ecology.
It looks to be a fascinating talk, and there will also be FREE PIZZA so really no excuse not to come along right?