1 year ago

15 February, 2017

Union Court - Australian National University

Organised by:
Law Revue

As one of ANU's longest running theatrical productions, the Law Revue will naturally be cutting loose at a stall on Market Day! It'll be pretty standard fare as the actual stall goes: a trestle table, some chairs, maybe a tablecloth with 'Law Revue' written on it - nothing too fancy there sadly

BUT if you come say wasup from 9 til 4 tomorrow you can learn all about how to get involved in the ANU's funniest and most prestigious student comedy production, meet this year's directors and just generally enjoy the emotional warmth of human interaction. You can also give us your deets so we can send you emails/messages/snapchats/linkedins/club penguins with all the information & reminders for audition times, writing sessions and all that good shit. See you there!

PS Zooper Doopers may or may not make an appearance ❄️😎🏝