3 years ago

26 May, 2015

Sports Hall, ANU

Organised by:
Engineering Students Association

5 D's people! 5 D's!

We know them, you know them, but we all know that ANU Arts, Law and Business sure as hell don't!

Come and show your superior knowledge of the 5D's of dodgeball at the inaugural Engineering vs Science Mega Dodgeball lunch hour! This event is specifically for engo and science kids to get out of those labs and hurl some big red balls at each other.

We'll be running an hour long game of mega dodgeball! It's going to be dodgeball like you've never known. We'll have 10 members of each team on the court for the whole hour. When someone gets out, we'll add a score to the opposing team's score, then the next person in the reserve line will get subbed in! That means there'll be a great chance for everyone to play!

On the day we'll have a stellar banter from commentators Wilhelm Schloss & Monique Masling, and beats.

Whip out those short shorts and get pumped!

XOXOXO Sci Soc and ESA