2 years ago

18 February, 2016

ANU Engineering Building

Organised by:
Engineering Students Association

Drop your books, slap on some sunscreen and prepare yourselves for the meatwave that is the STEM BBQ BLOCK PARTY.

To celebrate the end of summer and the start of another year at ANU, the coolest kids on the block (the STEM societies, of course) are teaming up to drop some sick beats and meats for you in week 1. The powers of the Science Society, Engineering Students Association, Computer Science Students Association, Biology Society, Psychology Society, Chemistry Society, and Fenner School Society are combining for one helluva day!

We’ve got snags (of course), vegetarian and vegan options, along with non-alcoholic drinks (can't get too rowdy yet peeps, it's only week one). We’ve also got the following activities lined up to keep you chill before the semester kicks off:
- Nitrogen ice cream by ChemSoc
- Sign ups for the clubs and societies this year
If you feel like it, go ahead and get in the bbq spirit by playing Soccer, Frisbee or whatever it is you fun kids do these days!

There’s more! CECS’ gender equity group Fifty50 (aka fiddy fiddy) is hosting a showing of the film Big Dream (check it out: https://www.facebook.com/events/1150823058291684/) afterwards. You’ll get to enjoy some fresh popcorn and catch a dose of motivation for the semester. It's 2pm in the Science Teaching Building.

The BBQ will be in the courtyard in front of the Engineering Building (B32) by university avenue.

We know your lecture schedule must be chock-a-block, but it’d be a misteak to miss it!

Love from all of us

P.S. BBQ puns are encouraged in your comments and questions. Cheers.