1 year ago

5 November, 2016

Wesley Uniting Church

Organised by:
Choral Society

Join The ANU Choral Society with chamber orchestra under the direction of Leonard Weiss, featuring soloists Rachael Duncan (soprano), Janene Broere (alto), Charles Hudson (tenor) and Andrew Fysh (bass) for "Death & Glory" 7.30pm at Wesley Uniting Church, Saturday November 5th.

In this concert, SCUNA will be performing Maunder's completion of Mozart's Requiem. This relatively recent completion utilises all-Mozart material, in terms of orchestration and recently-discovered sketches of an 'Amen' fugue. True to the documents left by Mozart, Maunder's completion disregards some movements which were said to have been completed by Sussmayr, whose version of the Requiemis popularly performed (when, in fact, it is likely that some portions of the piece were entirely his own composition without justified inspiration from Mozart). SCUNA's performance of Mozart's Requiem will also utilise traditional Austrian/Germanic Latin, which Mozart would have heard at the time.

SCUNA will open the program with Handel's popular Coronation Anthems, including the iconic Zadok The Priest which has been incorporated into every British Coronation since it's composition. Known for their rich music and textural background, these pieces celebrate the noblest aspects of sovereign leadership: wisdom and truth; mercy and justice and are almost as uplifting to listen to as they are to sing!

SCUNA is led by Leonard Weiss - 2016 Young Canberra Citizen of the Year for Youth Arts and Multimedia and an ACT Finalist for 2016 Young Australian of the Year.