1 year ago

1 October, 2016


Organised by:
StreetGeek (LAN Gamers)

It's back again for the seventh year, StreetGeek X! The StreetGeek LAN parties team is again teaming up with the City of Unley and bringing you one of the largest LAN gaming events of the year to Adelaide! With our PC and Console tournaments, as well as plenty of board and tabletop games, this event is the biggest, no hold bars event we put on, but it get's even better. Thanks to the City of Unley, if you are under the age of 18, you get in free!

Starts: 10:00 AM, Saturday 1st October 2016
Ends: 8:00 PM, Sunday 2nd October 2016
Where: Goodwood Community Centre (32 Rosa Street, Goodwood SA)

If you are under 18, you need to get your parent or guardian to fill in and sign this form and bring it with you: http://www.streetgeekx.com.au/consent-form/

Tournament Games for the event have been finalised, you can view the schedule at http://www.streetgeekx.com.au/schedule-2/

PC Games:
CS:GO 5v5
Rocket League 2v2
League Of Legends 5v5
Overwatch 6v6
Hearthstone 1v1

Console Games:
SSB Wii U 2v2
SSB Melee 1v1
Halo 5 4v4
SSB Wii U 1v1
MarioKat 8
SSB 64 1v1
F-Zero GX