2 years ago

11 April, 2016

Bella Union

Organised by:
Engineers without Borders (Uni of Adelaide)

Come and see some of Australian’s finest minds and top comedians battle it out to decide whether or not biology or technology will succeed in this violent struggle between man and machine. No robots will be included in the debating panel. Call bias all you want.

Our brilliant debaters include:
Andrew McClelland
Sarah Jones- Ventriloquist
Rob Mond
Tom Lang, science/comedy thing
Brianna Williams
Nicholas J. Johnson
All precariously held together by your overwhelmed and underqualified MC, Alanta Colley

The human brain might be the most sophisticated computer on earth, but how long will it hold this accolade? Do robots do it better? Have we rendered ourselves obsolete? Wasn’t that the point all along? Is our future one with more time for leisure and philosophy while robots undertake the life’s dull chores, or will we be enslaved by our superior creation? Did Darwin see this coming? And what of the soul? Come laugh in the face of our own demise as a species.

Funds raised from this event will support the work of Engineers Without Borders Australia.