3 years ago

12 June, 2015


Organised by:
StreetGeek (LAN Gamers)

It's that magical time of the year again! StreetGeek is gearing up for our annual celebration of Wintereenmas (cause for us, it makes sense to celebrate Wintereenmas in ACTUAL winter!)

We're gearing up for one of the most prolific events on StreetGeek's social schedule. Wintereenmas is one of our headline events, and it's the one with the most eagerly anticipated tournament schedule. Scroll down a wee bit to see the full details below.

Where: Colonel Light Gardens Uniting Church
When: 7:00pm 12th June to 9:00pm 13th June
How much?: $22 for PC, $11 for Console

PC Tournaments: http://www.streetgeek.com.au/threads/pc-tournaments-15-06-wintereenmas.1474/

Console: http://www.streetgeek.com.au/threads/streetgeek-14-06-wintereenmas-console-tournaments.1478/

To book a PC seat, head to www.streetgeek.com.au and click on "Book a Seat" (registration is required)

A talented team of culinary magicials prepare a table d'hôte menu every LAN for midnight snack, bfast, lunch and dinner. Dinner is not served on Friday night.
Food Package Prices
Food $8.00
Coffee $1.00 per cup!
Meals, serving times and prices are subject to variation. Please notify us if you have any special dietary requirements. Coffee is prepared and served in batches. Please let us know if your caffeine meter is running low!
The StreetGeek Progress Bar stocks a variety of snacks and beverages.
Fast food and supermarket nearby.

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