3 years ago

18 July, 2015

AVCon: Adelaide's Anime & Video Games Festival

Organised by:
StreetGeek (LAN Gamers)

Did you know that Adelaide LAN Parties are teaming up with AVCon this year to host a panel at the event? So if you want to find out information straight from the belly of the beast that is a LAN party organisation, make sure you come along!

LAN Parties in Today’s Online Gaming World
Saturday, Panel Room A - 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Come along and listen as members of the StreetGeek, INLAN, LAN++ and ASLAN team discuss this interesting topic and open the floor to questions from those who want to know more!

Panel description:

Online gaming, e-sports and the rise of console gaming have changed the way that people (both gamers and non-gamers) see video games in the last few years. But how has this affected the traditional staple video game event, the LAN Party. This panel will discuss how the LAN Party has changed and adapted in the last few years and give you an opportunity to ask questions to some of the organizers of local LAN Parties that have gone through this change and find out what modern LAN Parties are all about!

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