2 years ago

22 April, 2016


Organised by:
StreetGeek (LAN Gamers)

Dust off your best bonnets and don your most crazy cap, because it is time for Silly Hat LAN! Our once a year special LAN where we celebrate the wondrous inventions of hats in their most insane and quirky form!

If you come to LAN 16.04 wearing a hat that is quirky, silly or just plain nuts, you will go into the running to win a special prize that will only be for people wearing those hats!

Also, as a special treat this month, our guest D&D Dungeon Master is returning after running adventures at SG X 2015 and will be running more D&D adventures at Silly Hat LAN! http://ow.ly/4mQhrb

Starts: 7:00 PM Friday 22nd April
Ends: 9:00 PM Saturday 23rd April
Where: 560 Goodwood Road, Daws Park (Corner of Aver Ave and Goodwood Rd)
How much?: $22 for PC/Allocated, $11 for Console/Social