2 years ago

10 January, 2016

Victoria Square, Adelaide

Organised by:
The Flash Mob Club (Uni of Adelaide)

--- UPDATE Jan 6th ---

Hey everyone, I hope you had a good Christmas and New Years. We're now less than a week away from the 2016 No Pants Tram Ride! Please read this update in full so you know what to expect on the day and so we can make sure the event runs smoothly.

Meeting time: 12 Noon Sharp (please try to be early or on time)
Meeting place: Victoria Square opposite the tram stop. Look out for the lady with the yellow umbrella
Event End: The event will run for approx. 2 hours and finish in Moseley Square, Glenelg*.

At the meeting point we'll be dividing everyone into groups and each group will be assigned a stop along the line to Glenelg*.

We'll also be spreading the participants over several different trams to avoid overcrowding and create some good effects for others on the tram.

The organisers will let your group know when to head over to the Victoria Sq. stop to await the tram. At this point you should spread out along the platform and pretend not to know the others in your group and the other participants. Board the tram when it arrives, scan you ticket and find a spot to sit or stand.

As the tram approaches your group's assigned stop you can remove your pants and put them in your bag then push the stop button and make your way to the door to get off. When the tram arrives at your stop, exit the tram.

You'll now have 15 mins on the platform to wait for the next tram. Take some photos and have some fun (leaving your pants off) but spread yourselves along the platform, again pretending not to know each other, as the next tram approaches.

When the next tram arrives, enter (without pants), scan you ticket and find a spot to sit/stand. You'll ride out the rest of the journey in this tram. Just do the things you would normally do in a tram/bus. If anyone asks why you're not wearing pants, just say something like 'I forgot my pants today' and 'I don't know any of these other people.'

Exit the tram at the final stop: Moseley Sq, Glenelg* and come together at the meeting point. Once everyone has arrived, we'll take some photos and award some prizes.

-Bring your metro card or money for a ticket
-Bring a bag to put your pants and other valuables in
-Please don't wear revealing underwear as we want to keep the event fun and safe for all participants

*If we have a large turnout we'll also be utilising the the line from Victoria Sq. to the Entertainment Centre. The people on those trams will finish the event at the Entertainment Centre.


If you can't make it or have the urge to do more pantsless activities, you might like to join The 2016 People's Choice Undies Run for Bowel Cancer which is happening next Sunday, January 17th.

Details here: https://www.undiesrun.com.au/

--- END UPDATE ---

Its time again for the annual No Pants Tram Ride in Adelaide (this will be our 9th year in a row).

The basic idea is to ride the tram without pants and pretend that it is the most normal thing to do. When people see one person doing this they can easily pass them off as a crazy, but when more and more people enter the tram without pants, apparently unknown to each other, the reactions are just priceless.

Here's a video from the 2013 event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2AYwzs0PXc

This event is always great fun and with the hot weather its often more comfortable than wearing pants anyway.

If you're interested in attending but unsure if you want to ride the tram without pants then we recommend boxers - they're basically like shorts anyway.

If you're a little more adventurous then go for briefs.

Please avoid revealing underwear as we'd like to keep this event fun and safe for participants and other tram riders.

Try and wear something that will create a good contrast between your upper and lower half, such as;
-Work clothes
-Motorbike jacket

There will be prizes for;
-Best jocks and socks combo
-Best upper half/lower half contrast

PLEASE NOTE: You should arrive at the meeting point with your pants ON. The de-pantsing happens during the event ;).

We will be meeting at Victoria Square opposite the tram stop at 12 midday.

Things to bring;
-Metro card, multi trip or money for tram ticket
-Bag or backpack to carry your pants after you take them off as well as your belongings as you won't have pant pockets to put them in for most of the trip

You can be a part of the global activity by tweeting with the official hashtag #NPSR and @ImprovEvery when talking about Improv Everywhere

More about the event including videos and photos from previous years: http://www.adelaideflashmob.com/no-pants/


Not in Adelaide? Not to worry!

There's also events happening in a number of other cities in Australia and around the world.

Brisbane: https://www.facebook.com/events/579581762199205/

*Watch this Space for more events in other Australian cities*

The No Pants Subway Ride is an annual global event started by Improv Everywhere in New York in 2002. http://improveverywhere.com/